Working with a Facebook Advertising Agency: Is it for you?

Hiring a Facebook advertising agency for your business is a big deal. You may be asking yourself questions throughout the whole process, including but definitely not limited to:
1. Will this Facebook marketing agency understand my business as well as I do?
2. Will they understand my brand and messaging?
3. Can’t I just do this by myself, without an advertising agency?
4. I already have to pay for the ads. What’s the point of paying someone else on top of that?

That’s not all of them, very likely you’ll have many other questions running through your mind when considering hiring a Facebook advertising agency. We’ve been working in this space for the past five years and to assist small businesses with their decision to hire a Facebook advertising agency we wanted to highlight the edge we have seen businesses achieve when they engage a Facebook Advertising Agency.

Ad Quality
A Facebook Advertising agency will not only have strategists who will build out your dream Facebook campaign. They’ll also often possess a suite of skillsets across graphic design and advertising copywriting, ensuring that the creative element of your campaign is up to the highest of standards. Your Facebook advertising agency should offer an end-to-end solution for your advertising, and have a personable approach to your specific business. No two businesses are the same! When you’ve worked on dozens of campaigns like we have, you can spot a high quality ad, and can see more likes, comments and shares. (not sure about that)

Best Practice
Each Facebook advertising agency will operate differently, and each have their own set of best practices, which are established throughout years of experience. Be careful if Facebook advertising companies are promising high results, or guaranteed formulas and also be mindful of any terms attached to their client agreements. Here at Wise Up we believe in no lock in contracts, and are flexible in catering for small to medium sized businesses to achieve objectives. We don’t make guarantees or gutsy promises – our commitment is to test, perfect and scale. So you don’t waste your budget on underperforming ads.

So, your advertisement has a $1.17 CPC (cost per click), with a 1.2% CTR (click through rate) and a relevancy of 2. So what? By hiring a Facebook advertising agency, effective campaign optimisations can be carried out, which will help continually increase campaign performance, and give insight into key learnings around demographics, ad creatives and copy. It’s important that your campaign resonates with your target audience, and the more data collected allows this to be achieved. The more your optimise the less you waste valuable clicks, and expend your budget.

Here at Wise Up Marketing we believe that the best way for a Facebook advertising agency and small business to work together is through collaboration. You know your business intimately and when we combine your knowledge with our expertise in advertising setup and optimisation, the results are obvious.

If you’re interested in working together with us to build your next Facebook campaign, feel free to book a call with our director, Mary Anne Amies, and benefit from the expertise attained from running hundreds of thousands of dollar’s worth of Facebook advertising campaigns, executed from within our Facebook advertising and marketing agency. We’d love to discuss how we can work together to create and manage your next Facebook Advertising campaign.