Why Landing Pages – 5 Features of High Converting Landing Pages

So you’ve heard the buzz and now you’re wondering – what is a landing page? Landing pages are simply a single web page, which aims to capture visitor’s information through a call to action. But why landing pages when I have a website of my own? Simply put, landing pages aim to drive one single action through precise focus, and are used commonly in online advertising campaigns when there is one point of conversion.

Here is an example of a quality, high converting landing page.

Landing pages are found to convert at a higher than a normal website, but why? Landing pages outperform websites as they don’t need to incorporate all brands values and messages – but instead can focus on one clear message.

If you incorporate these 5 features of high converting landing pages you too can expect to drive some of the highest conversion rates your business will see.

  1. One Clear Message

When people visit a landing page, it’s important that your main messaging is delivered to the visitor within 3 seconds. In this time, they should know exactly what this page is about, and they’ll also recognise if the message is aligned with the advertisement they clicked on. Having simple, concise headlines and copy will help achieve a clear message.

  1. Call to Action

According to Hubspot, Call to Actions are simply a “call” to take an “action”. They are often in a more striking format to buttons on a website, and contain colour and text that encourages a click. For example, a common Call to Action is “Free Download” or “Learn More”. Having a clear Call to Action will make all the difference to your conversion rate.

  1. Video

Although a more tedious medium to nail, video converts. Embedding a video onto a landing page will help encourage conversion through acquiring the trust of your visitors and building credibility (if you’re in the video!). Make sure your videos have subtitles, as a now-common trend is watching videos without sound.

  1. Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is essentially an offer that is provided to your visitors, in return for them filling out an online form. This could be a free eBook, report or webinar for example. Having a strong incentive for people to convert is a good idea, and is seen as a transaction – you get their valuable information, in return you provide the lead with valuable information.

  1. Social Proof

When people visit a landing page, it’s often their first engagement with your brand or business, and has most likely stemmed from clicking on an advertisement. Having social proof embedded into your landing page (such as case studies, testimonials, and ratings or reviews), will help increase visitor trust from the beginning of the interaction.

When it comes to advertising, landing pages can be a key part in generating return on investment. For example, Facebook is now using advanced technologies which will take your web page load time into account when delivering your advertisements – and a landing page will often load a lot quicker than a full website.

If you’re looking to kick off your next advertising campaign, or want to discover more about how landing pages can be used in your business, book a call here with our team to find out how we can help.