What Are the Benefits of Blogging in 2018?

Blogging is a term that has seen an upward spiral in popularity. The term has achieved critical mass, even throughout the non-savvy segments. Blogging is the cornerstone of many businesses and brands content marketing strategy. Why? Frequent blogging can have real benefits to your business.

Blogging can have strong impacts on search engine visibility. This occurs through keywords or terms focused upon throughout the content piece. For each keyword used, Google indexes your website according to identified keywords. Creating and executing a keyword strategy will drive more traffic to your website. More traffic = Higher conversions. Higher conversions = more customers.

A website conversion on a blog can occur in a variety of ways, depending on what you are trying to achieve. To one business, a conversion could mean a receiving a new inbound enquiry. To another business, it could be a new opt-in to their mailing list. Integrating the ability to capture leads on your site is vital – even through using a simple form. Why would you drive traffic to a place which has no point of conversion?

Let’s take a step back in time… to 5 years ago. Social media content was easy to source. Outbound links on social media weren’t penalised in reach. Few content segments experienced oversaturation. These were the glory days for publishers, including businesses.

In modern times, this has seen drastic changes. Businesses are facing a challenge. It is not only harder than ever to source relevant content, but many businesses lack the internal capacity to produce content. The content found and published by businesses is often penalised. Why? Because of updated algorithms and penalties throughout social networks.

Blogging empowers small businesses to share their expertise. It provides a creative outlet, and an opportunity to showcase knowledge. Not only this, but it fosters stronger presence online, and across social media platforms – especially if the content is long-lasting.

One of the most important things to remember when considering content marketing and blogging is to ask the key question of “Will the information I publish be valuable to its readers?”. Whether visitors stumble across your content on social media, or it appears in their Google search results – will this piece of content provide value? The longer someone is on your page, the more affinity they develop with your business, and so the higher the chance of conversion is.

Blogging is a long-term strategy, as all marketing activities should be. Integrated into a content marketing strategy, blogging can have sizeable SEO impacts, increase social reach and sharability, and provide value to your leads and current customers.

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