Social Media Channels: A Case Study of 4 Businesses

When most businesses jump into the world of social media, the initial planning stage may be overwhelming due to the variety of platforms available. Many businesses start out wanting to cover all platforms – often because they are getting conflicting advice!

But in reality different platforms, and combinations of platforms make more sense for different businesses, so why would adopt a presence on all platforms – if you can successfully build brand equity and revenue from one or two specific networks?

Different types of business will benefit from presence and advertising on different social platforms. This is because individual target markets consume separate content segments, and are in diverse mindsets when spending time across the many social platforms.

We’re sharing with you 4 specific examples of how 4 different businesses could use social media, both organically and as part of their paid acquisition strategies to effectively target their ideal clients.

Retail Stores

In today’s world of retail, e-commerce now plays a large role in many retail business strategies, and in many cases is the primary sales channel. It is now easier than ever to have a professional, e-commerce website created, meaning the barrier to entry for online retail businesses is now lower than ever.  In many cases, these stores often see a higher return from Facebook over other social networks, especially when invested in Facebook advertising.


Consumers are in a casual mindset when using Facebook, and therefore in a suitable mindset to purchase goods or services, and with simple payment options now available (including the new Messenger payments), it’s more frictionless than ever. Instagram is a great place to build a brand feeling and emotion, and often numbers for product-based businesses soar quickly – but from a conversion point of view, the lack of easy click through to buy still hinders the effectiveness of Instagram.

Our Tip – Use Facebook and Instagram together to give a mix of connection and inspire your target to “buy now!”

Dental Clinic

Facebook will often be the most beneficial medium for dental clinics, although not in all cases. More common than not, Facebook will be the most predominant social network, although this depends on the ideal client of the clinic. Building on a local community is effective via Facebook and allows you to show how your practice is part of what makes your area great. For your Dentists, Dental Hygienists and other key staff, LinkedIn is also a great tool for carving out a position of authority and demonstrating any thought leadership in latest dental technology and customer care.


Facebook is used by over 17,000,000 people in Australia, and everyone requires dental checkups and care, on an annual if not more frequent basis. Being present in this industry and publishing excellent content will ensure you are top of mind. If you looking to invest into paid acquisition, Facebook Advertising could be a way to present your clinic to people within a hyper-targeted location.

Our Tip – Make Facebook inviting and intimate, demonstrate how your team and patients work together and think outside the box to make it fun!

Accounting Firm

This one can go a variety of ways – who is your ideal client? Establishing your ideal client will allow you to pinpoint exactly which networks they are on, and when they are in the mindset of potentially adopting your services. If you are hoping to go after small, busy CBD café clients, then Instagram may be your best bet – but looking at busy professionals, LinkedIn and Facebook could work well too.


The coffee culture is very visual in nature. Assuming cafe owner also manages the business Instagram account, it makes perfect sense to get on their level. A visual, appealing and small business orientated approach would do wonders for your firm because you know this is the type of content your target audience value! In saying this, the accounting industry is one which relies on a strong personal branding as well, and for establishing this LinkedIn will be your best friend.

Our Tip – Accounting firms of the future need to find ways to connect to the ideal target. Get really clear on who you want to connect with and get creative about where and how that should be.

Life Coach

A key factor in this industry is the community which is built between clients. Being able to effectively leverage groups or networks on social media will allow you to build the perfect network for support and inspiration, and because of this, the recommended primary social platform to utilise is Facebook. With a huge motivational and lifestyle aspect, Instagram is also a really valuable tool in your tool belt, as it’s a place where people go for inspiration and beauty.


Facebook has recently invested heavily into their Groups feature, and being a content heavy topic involving support, conversation, and community, a Group would be perfect for a Life Coaching business.

Our Tip – Use your Facebook Community to build a tribe around you, mixed with current clients and around giving value to people that connect with your message. Let Instagram be where you shine and build a daily inspiration source for your followers. And don’t discount LinkedIn – a great way to back in your credibility and authority!

These diverse case studies highlight how different social mediums suit different types of business. A great starting place is to ask your self – Where do I feel most comfortable? Who is my target audience? Where are they most active? Ultimately the success of your presence in a channel is dependent on your content. Higher quality content will drive increased organic reach, meaning that more people will see, and have the ability to engage with your content.

All this and much more is discussed, documented and strategized in our marketing strategy sessions – with a 2-hour face to face session to map out your ideal clients and then work through the marketing channels that will most effectively connect with them. Get in touch here to find out how we can build your strategy, and even implement on your behalf!