Marketing for your Small Business

We feel that Small Business Marketing is very unique and tremendously challenging. Resources are limited, 24 hours in a day is never enough, and all you have is yourself to rely. This is why we tackle each small business client’s Digital Marketing on a case-by-case basis.

Just recently, we were part of a Small Business Networking event dedicated for Sydney’s Inner West. It was intimate and special in that we got to personally meet our fellow small business owners and share with each other our biggest tips and fears! And my, did we bond over our fears.

So we’ve put together our most relevant and straightforward tips for Small Business owners and managers.


Be visible in your brandHave you ever walked into a beautiful cafe and wondered, “I wonder who owns this? Who’s idea was this?” – well, your customers and prospects wonder the same. Once in a while, it’s good to reveal yourself, whether on your Website and/or Social Media (business profile). It reminds your customers that you’re real and human.

Remember, people connect with people.

Connect with your customers. The easiest way is to connect through Social Media.

People connect with stories, what’s yours? We love a good story. When you think about business moguls like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, the media always mentions their initial struggles and how they overcome these hurdles to then achieve success.

Is it sadistic to say, we love to hear about each other’s pain? In a intrinsic way, that’s how we connect – by exchanging stories about our struggles. So share your struggles! Talk about how your business was born. Explain how you saw a problem and found the solution.

Create exclusivity with events in store or online. You don’t need to host a red carpet event. Simply create a Facebook event to invite your VIPs to your store for some bubbles and exclusive deals. Or have a flash sale on your website and notify your followers exclusively through a email newsletter or social media post.


Use all the local search tools available.  There are many local directories that are powerful tools to reach your prospects and customers. They’re also great for SEO!

All you need to start is a basic website. Keep it really simple and straight-forward. Your website should answer these questions: What’s your product/service, what’s your pricing, where are you based, who are you, how can you be contacted?

Be found instantly on Google Maps Listings. Set up a Google Business account and make sure your business details are current and correct. This way when someone googles you, you show up in the top results, and your location is pinned in the maps.

Social Media.

We can go on and on about how to maximise Social Media. For an in-depth guide, read our previous blog here. But here’s a summary:

  • Treat your social media as your brochure and drive people to your store
  • Maximise Instagram tools as free advertising (Hashtags, Location tags, Stories, Live)
  • Interact with prospects through Facebook Live & Events

Put Yourself Out There.

Here are some tips (we personally use!) specific to small and local businesses.

  • Collaborate with local businesses and leverage their network and events
  • Be part of your local business community – take part in local festivals, events, join Facebook Groups and build friendships with neighbours!
  • Network with prospects for free in online groups and position yourself as an expert
  • Get exclusive invitations to networking events by joining relevant social groups and through local business relationships

If you need professional help in Digital Marketing, remember to take advantage of our complimentary 20 minute consultation!