How to Capture Attention With Your “About” Page.

In a digitally-driven and fast-paced society where people are overloaded with choices, having a story or face behind your brand is key. Your small business represents who you are in many ways. To truly engage your audience, pull at their heartstrings! People WANT to know the story behind your business.

So tell your story, be an inspiration and create a connection with the reader. Connection and relate-ability keeps you remembered and creates loyalty.

Here’s a few reasons why people click on the About page:

  • They want to know who’s running the business
  • What is the business about?
  • Is the business legitimate?
  • Want to see if the business core values and ethics are on par with theirs
  • They want to work for your business


How can you capture the viewer’s full attention with your “About” Page?

  1. Be you. Let your personality shine!

Stay human and let the copywriting represent who you are. Are you funny? Professional? There’s only one of you in this world, use it to your advantage!


  1. Do not try to sell, just tell your story.

Why and how was your business born? Write in first person and share your triumphs and struggles – what inspired your initial ideas for your business. Storytelling and Marketing go hand-in-hand.

You’re trying to show the reader that you are real person who can honestly share their story (both good and bad sides). It builds trust and makes your brand stand out.

And to be honest, this is far more interesting than your sales pitch.


  1. Explain the problem you are solving. AKA your Mission.

What problem does your business solve? Tell them how you recognised a problem or inconvenience of some sort, and how your idea, product and service solves that exact problem.

Talk about how you created success for others and the humbling lessons you’ve learnt through this.


  1. Include a photo of you.

Depending on your industry, make sure the photo represents who you are! This will bring a face to your brand – no longer is your business a faceless entity! Make sure you look welcoming and smile! Here are some inspirations for your next photo shoot:


  1. Add a “Call-To-Action” at the bottom.

By this stage, the reader should be fully encapsulated by your beaming personality. They want to know more – heck, they may even want to make a purchase or sign a contract!

Gently direct them to where you want them to. Here’s a few examples:

  • Give me a call! Get a free consult.
  • Send an enquiry here.
  • Book your appointment here.
  • Send me an email.
  • Shop here.

We hope this helps you out especially if you’re building your own website! Show the world how wonderful you are and shine bright!