Google+ for beginners (that’s us)

This post has been revised, click here for the latest update.

I am going to start by being completely honest; I don’t have a Google+ account.

Want another confession? I just looked at Google 101 for the first time to have some sort of visual in my head of what it all is. So how could I credibly dedicate my A-Z of Marketing post for G to Google+?

This post will bring to you a range of resources, which I have been collecting on Google+. So let’s work on this together and hopefully in a few weeks we can all start to add each other, or is that like or maybe follow? We’ll work that one out as we go along.

So let me hand over to some experts to get us all up to speed.

How to set up our Google+ Profile

For a step by step set up guide see this Social Media Examiner post

A cheat sheet for the new lingo from All Google Plus

Some video presentations from Hubspots Blog, in case you get tired of reading

Making Google+ part of your Social Media Strategy

Here are some tools to connect Google+ with your other Social Media and online platforms:

And a tip for businesses from Google themselves

Why we should embrace Google+

Google+ promises better search, customisation and analytics than Facebook. This link in particular got me interested

The ability to talk differently to different groups (circles) allows for targeted marketing (and also not promoting your business to your friends and family every day). Learn more about that here

Mike Spinak from Naturography gives great insight into his experience with Google+

Well all this reading has got my interest peaked! I’ve just signed up! Why don’t you join me on Google+, Mary-Anne Amies and let’s talk about how we are going to make the most of this new social media platform!

Until next week G used to be just for Google, now it’s for Google+!


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