Facebook Down. Instagram Outage. Global.

In the history of Facebook, we haven’t seen an outage like this before. Facebook’s last outage was August 2018 for 45 minutes, and before that it was over a decade ago when no one quite cared about Facebook’s existence.

So what happened? Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp – they’re all down. If you’re lucky enough to load it on your phone or laptop, you’ll find that it’s super glitchy, and showing you content you’ve already seen and/or outdated.

The outage has started, in Australia at least, apparently since around 4 am (Sydney time). But from our experience, it’s been glitching since yesterday afternoon.

Is it such a big deal? Yes! For a Digital Marketing Agency, and casual Instagram addict, the silence is eerie and causing just a tad bit of anxiety.

This type of outage is not only rare, but makes us extremely worried considering their recent hiccup with privacy issues. Have they been hacked? Are we compromised? Are our poor clients going to be okay?!

What did Facebook have to say about this? Facebook alleges that “the issue in not related to a DDoS attack” – i.e. not a hack. Then what is it?!

What do we think about it? Our brain currently:

Give us a call if you need help – we’re onto it!