Emerging Social Platforms

As a marketer, it’s on US to keep up to date on the latest social media platforms that are growing in the digital world and HOW we can strengthen our social media strategy by utilising these.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to seek out the next rising social media platforms that you should try!


Vero is a new social media app that was launched in 2015, which offers a chronological feed that is also algorithm-free and ad-free. Like Instagram, Vero allows for easy sharing of content. However, it differs in that users can share:

MORE – movies, TV, music, books, places and links. These posts are then categorised into “collections” which you can easily search.

The user has more control on who sees what. Users can determine who sees their content by categorising their followers into four options:

  1. Close friend
  2. Friend
  3. Acquaintance

Enhanced privacy? We like!

How it will benefit you.

So far, Vero sounds promising!

For marketers, it may serve as a handy research tool when wanting to uncover what their customer base are looking at and maximise your reach.

NO ALGORITHM – it will be extra beneficial for those who are finding it hard to gain exposure and followers on Instagram!



It’s been just over a year since Instagram TV was introduced and would change the social video landscape.

Users have been uploading videos to increase brand engagement by uploading more in-depth and longer creative content for their followers.

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Just recently, Instagram announced that they will introduce landscape videos rather than solely vertical-based videos – YES PLEASE!