Why You Should Be On LinkedIn

When most people think of LinkedIn, they would probably say, “I update my resume when I’m looking for a new job”. But for Business Owners, Managers, Directors and Executives, it’s a place of business. If you’re looking to connect with professionals and thought leaders of your industry, LinkedIn is the place. Professionals are already conversing with each other, forming B2B […]

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Facebook Down. Instagram Outage. Global.

In the history of Facebook, we haven’t seen an outage like this before. Facebook’s last outage was August 2018 for 45 minutes, and before that it was over a decade ago when no one quite cared about Facebook’s existence. So what happened? Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp – they’re all down. If you’re lucky enough to load it on your phone […]

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Marketing Agency vs Your “Marketing Person”

Hire a Marketing Agency vs In-house Marketing? This is a big question for Small to Medium sized businesses – and considering cost, it should be! We’ve seen and worked with numerous SMEs who point at one of their team members and say, “they do marketing” and, “that’s my marketing person”. It’s funny at first and then not so much when […]

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Your Employees are your next Influencers

Employee Advocacy. Your employees should be your most loyal customers and the biggest fans. They are essentially the face of your brand. Why try to convince influencers when your employees already understand and appreciate your business? Each employee has their own network of people they engage with. It doesn’t take an influencer with 100K+ followers to promote your brand. Each […]

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Rebranding – How to get it right.

Rebranding isn’t just about choosing a new logo and tagline. That’s just the outer most layer of your rebranding. However, every change whether little or big, is all for a specific purpose. Rebranding is like renovating your house. You wouldn’t start with repainting the walls – like starting with changing your logo. You would typically go through your reasons for […]

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