5 Reasons Your Customers Aren’t Buying Your Offer

Have you spent an endless amount of time marketing your offer and getting no return? There could be a number of different factors that contribute to your lack of sales, so we’ve made a list of the top 5 most common reasons why your offer isn’t selling! No real value If your customers have no need for your product or [...] Read more

4 Things to Check When Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Converting

As the first social media to really take off globally, it was no surprise when Facebook built out ways to monetize. It created the first cost-effective, somewhat transparent advertising channel that was accessible to businesses of all sizes that we had ever seen. Built to be “easy-to-use” had given many business owners the confidence to explore ads themselves, which is […]

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Supercharge your chances of winning a tender, grant or proposal with these top tips

There are a lot of local government grants around right now, as well as state incentives a business can apply for. We asked the experts in writing words than win work, Proof Communications for their top tips, and are pleased to have Rosemary Gillespie share with us this great article. It doesn’t matter whether the tender, proposal or grant application […]

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How To Stay Connected Using Facebook Groups

As the world transitions from working in the office to working from home, we can all agree that this is a huge change! Going from face-to-face meetings where we can speak and banter freely – to online video calls is something employees and people around the world are all trying to adjust to. Whether it’s team meetings or client calls, […]

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Is LinkedIn The New Snapchat?

Snapchat was first released in 2012 and quickly hit 10 million active users just after a year of launching. Instagram then introduced stories in 2016, and Facebook stories came after in 2017. It seems like LinkedIn is trying to go down the same pathway, as they have confirmed they are working on a new “Stories” feature – similar to that […]

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Google Chrome Extensions That Will Make Your Life Easier

If you’re like us and like to get tasks done in the most clever, efficient and productive way then you’ll understand why we love Google Chrome extensions. Before we go ahead, let’s define Google Chrome extensions.   What are Google Chrome extensions? “They are small software programs that customise the browsing experience. These extensions serve as features that enable users […]

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Audit Your Digital Strategy: 3 checks before 2020

Social Media Content In the last decade, we have seen the whole marketing landscape change, social media is now your local newspaper or radio station. It’s time to get on board. If you haven’t already!   Leading into 2020 it’s a good idea to stop and check your social strategy is working for you. How are you doing at the […]

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What we learnt from our FIRST Workshop

We recently launched and ran our FIRST Digital Marketing Workshop and we have learnt so much from it. Although the workshop was designed to give fellow small business owners & traditional marketing professionals our most valuable tips and tricks, we were like sponges when listening to their unique stories, insight and questions! Here are some key things we learnt from […]

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Christmas and New Years Marketing

The holidays are just around the corner, hooray! Or boohoo? It’s peak season for anything sales-related which means high stress, high competition, super busy or… super quiet?! We wish for our fellow small business owners to thrive this festive season, instead of getting overwhelmed or disappointed. So here are our 6 tips to make your Holiday Marketing efforts worthwhile and […]

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How to Capture Attention With Your “About” Page.

In a digitally-driven and fast-paced society where people are overloaded with choices, having a story or face behind your brand is key. Your small business represents who you are in many ways. To truly engage your audience, pull at their heartstrings! People WANT to know the story behind your business. So tell your story, be an inspiration and create a […]

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5 Social Media Mistakes that are Hurting your Small Business

There’s so many tips, tricks and ‘hacks’ all over the internet about making Social Media a profitable tool. We’re all for DIY and self-learning, but it’s painful to see our fellow Small Business owners and managers get lost in it and make mistakes that hurt their business. This is why we always urge Small Business owners to have a Digital […]

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10 Ways to make Instagram work for your Small Business

Social media is a wild and ever-changing beast. Tame it, and make it work for you! Managing a small business is no joke. DIY is your life and there’s never enough time to get everything done. By now you would admit that Instagram IS a useful tool and we’re here to help you master it! We’ll keep it simple and […]

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