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The MUST KNOWS of Instagram Insights

If you are a business and have not set up a business account on Instagram you could be missing out on valuable data about your account. We break down the benefits of Instagram Insights and what valuable information you will receive from it. WHAT IS IT? Instagram Insights is a free feature on Instagram that helps you learn more about […]

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The Power Of Social Media

We recently came across a quote we loved and wanted to share. “Social Media is conversation. Social Media is customer service. Social Media is advertising. Social media is connectedness” – Sarah Beth Rosa. Social Media is now one of the first touch points that people turn to when determining to visit your business or a competitor. Breaking down the quote, […]

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Should I put my business on Tik Tok?

We’ve been asked this question more lately and we love that our fellow small business owners are always researching and looking for new and innovative ways to reach their audience. Answering this question always begins with, “well it depends!” Whatever tool you use, the goal is the same: to reach a targeted audience and achieve a specific marketing goal. So […]

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2020 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know

And the new decade is here! We have now officially entered our 10th year in business and my, did we witness a lot of marketing and digital trends!  The amazing thing about digital marketing trends is that it’s really powered by you, the people, the real users. We feel the biggest driver of the biggest trends always revolves around providing […]

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Hidden Instagram Features You Should Be Using

Got an Instagram Business Account? Or considering finally setting one up for your upcoming business? Utilise these free features most people don’t know about to get the most out of Instagram! Let’s start with the basics. As Instagram eloquently puts it: There’s a side to Instagram that not many people know about, let alone use. Plus, they’re a constantly evolving […]

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Is Your Marketing Outdated?

Just a few years ago, businesses were saying “we do 50/50 traditional and digital marketing”. If you said that today, marketers would probably tilt their heads and look at you funny. Digital is marketing. Social is media. If you haven’t embraced digital as part of your mix, and a leading one, you’re missing out. So, the question we want to […]

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3 Key LinkedIn Updates You Should Know About

If you’re not using LinkedIn in 2018, there’s a good chance of falling behind.   LinkedIn is a professional platform that provides you with the opportunity to connect with industry leaders in your desired field. The opportunities to advance your career are endless, whether you are coming from an individual or business perspective. With this said, the platform is constantly […]

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3 Reasons Why Organic Facebook Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Facebook’s organic reach has constantly been declining. What does this mean for your business? It means that posts made by your page, are only shown to a small percentage of the individual’s that follow your page. Why is this? Simply because there’s too much content for Facebook to deliver. Facebook has said that if organic reach wasn’t regulated, up to […]

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