Market Research

Email Marketing – Making it More Effective

Is your business currently marketing through email? With 90% deliverability, compared to the 2% organic reach on some social platforms, you should be! Email allows you to only engage with those who have expressed an interest in your product or service offering in the past, meaning those you engage with will be “warm” in a sense, as they’ve previously opted […]

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Reaching Your Target Market

How to target a market is one of the most common questions we get from clients. We all know that our product or service (in most cases) is not for everyone, but how do we clearly define who the target market is? Once we know who they are, how do we go about getting ourselves in front of them? This […]

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5 Steps to host your own Census! (Or Market Research for Small Business)

Being a passionate and dedicated Marketer, over the years I have become near obsessed with measuring; measuring results, measuring profitability and of course measuring the target market. To the average Australian the Census is 20 minutes of their life spent form filling, of which there seems to be no immediate benefit and no future return. For me, the avid Marketer […]

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