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What Are the Benefits of Blogging in 2018?

Blogging is a term that has seen an upward spiral in popularity. The term has achieved critical mass, even throughout the non-savvy segments. Blogging is the cornerstone of many businesses and brands content marketing strategy. Why? Frequent blogging can have real benefits to your business. Blogging can have strong impacts on search engine visibility. This occurs through keywords or terms focused upon […]

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Why Landing Pages – 5 Features of High Converting Landing Pages

So you’ve heard the buzz and now you’re wondering – what is a landing page? Landing pages are simply a single web page, which aims to capture visitor’s information through a call to action. But why landing pages when I have a website of my own? Simply put, landing pages aim to drive one single action through precise focus, and are used […]

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5 Digital Trends to Watch Out For in 2018

Every year the digital marketing landscape progresses towards further engaging individuals, and focuses on improving the user experience. All mediums of digital, whether it be social, email or online aim to keep users happy for longer, to maintain effectiveness (and of course a place in the annual marketing budget). Now that we’ve kicked off 2018, here are some of the […]

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Digital Marketing for Small Businesses – Retargeting

Have you ever visited your favourite websites, browsing their products or services only to realise that this business is “following” you around social media, and the rest of the internet once you close the page? It’s not a coincidence – this is retargeting! When it comes to digital marketing for small businesses, retargeting is something you should strongly consider implementing. […]

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Social Media Channels: A Case Study of 4 Businesses

When most businesses jump into the world of social media, the initial planning stage may be overwhelming due to the variety of platforms available. Many businesses start out wanting to cover all platforms – often because they are getting conflicting advice! But in reality different platforms, and combinations of platforms make more sense for different businesses, so why would adopt […]

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Email Marketing – Making it More Effective

Is your business currently marketing through email? With 90% deliverability, compared to the 2% organic reach on some social platforms, you should be! Email allows you to only engage with those who have expressed an interest in your product or service offering in the past, meaning those you engage with will be “warm” in a sense, as they’ve previously opted […]

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3 Reasons Why Organic Facebook Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Facebook’s organic reach has constantly been declining. What does this mean for your business? It means that posts made by your page, are only shown to a small percentage of the individual’s that follow your page. Why is this? Simply because there’s too much content for Facebook to deliver. Facebook has said that if organic reach wasn’t regulated, up to […]

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Becoming A Smarter Seller: A Marketers Perspective

The relationship held between both Sales and Marketing is one of constant evolution. With technology beginning to play a larger role in both departments, the integration of both Sales and Marketing teams is becoming a necessity within businesses of all sizes – but why? Digital is a new-age segment within marketing, and this style gives businesses greater access to lead […]

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Building your Personal Brand on LinkedIn: 7 Easy Tips

LinkedIn is the world’s biggest professional network, but not only for companies. Individuals can build what is called a “personal brand” on LinkedIn, which is something that professionals across various industries strive to do. Your personal brand is something that you should be constantly fortifying. It is how the professional world identifies you, and can also be a lead generator […]

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