Become a Social Media Pro

Social Media big beast to tame, however once you do, your reach to your fans and customers is global – reaching millions. Imagine your revenue if you did!

No experience?

If you’re a start-up or manage/own a small business, DIY might already be your life. And when it comes to “doing social media”, we can simplify it for you.

Here’s our simple and straightforward guide to creating awesome Social Media Content for your business.

Don’t write *good*? Use *big* words?

You might be surprised with yourself – writing can be fun even if you never topped your English class in school! Follow these 3 guidelines:

  • Stay proactive
  • Stay on brand
  • Focus on value

Be sure to get the most out of this by using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn as your main platforms. According to Civic Web Media, these are the top platforms to be using in 2019.

Talk That Talk – Speak the Social Media Language

  • Write the way you talk

Be you! Write as if you’re speaking to a friend. You will automatically create content that is natural, authentic and easy to read. Avoid industry jargon and dense paragraphs.

  • Write consistently

Don’t spam your followers, but the only way to stay in their lives is to consistently show up in their news feed! Just a reminder – not every post will be perfect. If you get low or no engagement, it’s a lesson, not a mistake.

  • Write first then edit heavily

Writer’s block is a real thing. To get out of this, write drafts, edit and revise. Tip: To start, research valuable information and jot them down as dot points.

  • Snoop on your competitor’s social media

Gently *stalk* your competitors – for “research purposes”. See what gets the most engagement (likes, comments & shares) and use them as inspiration.

  • Provide value with every post

What’s in it for you? What’s in it for the viewer?

Is it traffic? Branding? Leads & sales? Think about the value and purpose behind your content and what you want to get out of it.

  • Hashtag and keyword research

Research key words and hashtags that are trending. Jump on popular topics and be included in the conversation your prospects are a part of!

  • Don’t over-promote and create content that screams, “I’M SELLING TO YOU”

Try and limit salesy keywords and hashtags – moderation is key! Overuse of these can seem unnatural and off-putting.

  • Speak to your target audience

Mass marketing is a thing of the past – you’ll be shouting to people who’s not listening. Not a good look.

Research and point out exactly who you attract vs. who you want to attract. Speak to your target market in the tone connect with.

  • Engagement vs. Traffic

Want engagement? Use short sentences and maximum a few lines of text.
Want traffic? Elaborate on the values, and focus on “What’s in it for me” from the customer’s perspective. It’s good for SEO.

Keep your sentences succinct, add tasteful wit or humour where appropriate!

  • Add visual elements to your posts

Imagine that your readers have a short attention span. How do you keep them interested? Photos, videos, GIFs, and emoji’s. Give their eyes a break from text with interesting visuals!

Too much work? DIY not your thing? No problem, get us to do it! Book in for your complimentary 20 min consult.