Audit Your Digital Strategy: 3 checks before 2020

Social Media Content

In the last decade, we have seen the whole marketing landscape change, social media is now your local newspaper or radio station. It’s time to get on board. If you haven’t already!


Leading into 2020 it’s a good idea to stop and check your social strategy is working for you.

How are you doing at the basics?

  • Do your social media profiles have the latest branding and business information? Correct logo, address, operating hours, email address, contact number, etc.
  • Are you posting on at least one channel, a minimum of twice per week
  • If you are the owner, are you showing your face on your socials, building connections and trust?


As we head toward the much-needed break, have a think about the content you will have running over the holiday period? 


Christmas & New Years specific checks

  • Have posts (photos and captions) drafted and ready to go. We recommend having at least 3 posts a week drafted and scheduled during the holiday period.
  • If your bricks and mortar store will be closed, be sure to let your followers know through a few posts! Update your opening hours on your Instagram Bio and in a Facebook Pinned Post.
  • Run an online store? Let your website visitors and customers know what the cut-off date for orders is if they want their items delivered in the remaining days of 2019. If there are any delays in delivery, be transparent!


Google Business

Google Business is a great tool for every business with an address (and even in some cases for those without). It can help you get higher in Google searches – by appearing on the map and is growing as a critical information source. 

Is your business

  • Up to date? The right contact details, your logo and at least one image uploaded
  • Optimised for SEO, by adding other keywords into your business name

It’s also important to make sure your listing is “holiday-ready.” Whether you’re open or closed during the holidays, make sure this information is up to date and visible on your Google Business profile!

Local searchers will be searching, “xyz open on Christmas day” and other similar searches. If you’re open for business, make it clear!


Website Presence

It’s easy to publish your website and forget about it. It’s quite dangerous to assume that everything is up and running since the day your website went live – wait, was that like 2 years ago?

Websites go out of date very quickly. Take a moment and check the following:

  • About us page – does it need a refresh? Is it aligned to your current vision, mission and strategy?
  • Meet the team – make sure the list is accurate and up-to-date. Remove or add team members as required.
  • Blogs – when did you last publish a blog? If you have an outdated blog as the most recent, it can send the wrong message to browsers about the state of your business.
  • SSL Certificate – do you have one? If you don’t, visitors will be alerted that your website is ‘not safe’ (on Google Chrome). Click here for more info.
  • Mobile-friendly – does your website work smoothly on mobile? Easy to browse, perfectly resized and fully loaded under 5 seconds?
  • Contact forms – we had many SOS calls about broken contact forms this year, double-check and test that yours work fine.


Whether you check before Christmas, or at the beginnings of 2020 it’s important to create an action plan of what needs fixing and work through it one by one. Need some help? Feel free to reach out!