3 Ways to Brilliantly Promote your Blog on Facebook

Picture this: You’ve spent countless hours researching and creating an amazing blog that educates and informs people about an interesting topic. The only problem is, no one reads it. Driving traffic to your blog and website is essential because without any readers, your efforts have gone to waste – so why not utilise that Facebook audience you’ve worked so hard to build!

There are countless ways to promote your blog content, like reaching out to influencers or seeing backlinks, but most of them can be incredibly time-consuming.

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world with billions of users. Even better, the social media platform allows you to target a specific audience to reach the right people.

So, here’s 3 ways to promote your blog on Facebook:


 1. Share your post on Facebook

The best way to start promoting your content on Facebook is to simply share it. Post your blog URL into Facebook’s sharing box. The post will reach around 2% of the people that have liked your page and is usually indicates the level of engagement your page attracts.

The success of you Facebook campaigns stems from how well your posts do without any promotion. This shows us how good your content is.

The most important way to measure this is through “likes” and “shares”. Shares are really important on Facebook because it exposes your brand to a new audience, increasing reach.


More likes = More credibility = More clicks

2. Use Captivating Headlines

80% of readers never make it past an article’s headline. The same principle applies to Facebook, billions of users scroll down their news feed and become desensitised to the content they see. Come up with engaging headlines to catch their attention.

Keep it short and simple. Some ways to do this is to ask rhetorical questions.

Besides, questions naturally invoke a response, right?


3. Keep your images Big and your text Small

Facebook posts that include images receive 120% more engagement than posts with no photos. Images are a visual aid that easily connect with a large audience. Using full sized images take up most of the surface area on your post and increases your click through rate.

Choose an image that is directly related with the topic you are blogging about. Generally, Images that have a high-colour contrast makes it stand out over an overcrowded news feed.

Promoting content on Facebook is simple and can have high return on investment. After you’ve understood your audience, your content and specific audience targeting, it is proven to be one of the easiest and effective channels. And don’t be afraid to pay to promote your post, if you can drive 100 readers to your blog post that previously didn’t know you existed for $50, that’s a pretty good investment if you ask me.


Blogging is a long-term strategy that is highly effective, when done right. If you’re looking for a partner in developing an integrated marketing strategy that includes content creation and promotion, contact us today for solutions and take blogging off your shoulders. We are industry experts having worked across many industries – from retail to real estate and medical. Book a call here to discuss your content strategy planning session.