3 SEO Hacks You Can Do Right Now

SEO is that task at the bottom of your to-do list, the one you know you desperately have to do but keep avoiding because it is just so damn confusing. Nevertheless, if you want your website to rank on Google, then you need to know a bit about SEO and implement a couple of key strategies.

Now, it is important that we let you know that SEO is an ever evolving beast, one day you might be on page 1 of google, and the next on page 3, so whilst implementing these strategies will give you an initial rankings boost, it is important that you review your SEO at least once a month to ensure continued success.

  1. Tidy up your Title Tag & Meta Data

Your Title Tag and Meta Data Descriptions are key players in Google’s ranking system. A Title Tag has a character limit of 60 characters, whilst a Meta Data Description has a character limit of 160. It is important that you utilise every single character space by creating descriptions that are keyword rich.

In our last blog post we briefly discussed how to implement a keyword strategy for your website. However, we didn’t tell you how to find out what the best keywords are. Google offers a Keyword Planner within Google Adwords. The keyword Planner allows you to research keywords, helping you to find the keywords most relevant for your website.

  1. Image Alt Descriptions

It is easy to upload your image with the file name 5h4m6jd8gjdnus8d.jpeg, however, this is a big SEO no no. Google will look at the file name and Alt Descriptions of any media you upload onto your site. Using keywords in your file names, or simply accurately naming your media will allow for your content to rank on google. So when you upload your beautiful headshot on your about page, don’t name it me.jpg.

In terms of Alt Descriptions, you have the ability to create a bit more of a description for the image, think a short sentence that links to not only the image itself, but also the content surrounding it, working to boost your SEO e.g. Business Mentor Headshot Carla Smith.

  1. Creating Valuable Content

Content is and always will be King. Blogging is one way in which you can create valuable content for your audience that won’t just add value for your readers, but will also be warmly received by Google. Creating short snappy titles for blogs that are keyword rich and to the point will help Google index your blog, and boost your rankings overall.

Additionally, it is important that your blog posts aren’t all the same. Incorporating numerous types of blog posts in your strategy will give you great results. Creating content that includes links to knowledgeable sources, doing interviews with industry experts, and creating blogs that are data-based are all ways to help create content that will give Google something to think about.

Now whilst these SEO strategies may be easy for some, it can still be mystifying for others. If you feel like you need some SEO help you can read more about our Website Optimisation Report, or Contact Us for further information.