10 Ways to make Instagram work for your Small Business

Social media is a wild and ever-changing beast. Tame it, and make it work for you!

Managing a small business is no joke. DIY is your life and there’s never enough time to get everything done.

By now you would admit that Instagram IS a useful tool and we’re here to help you master it! We’ll keep it simple and relevant. So let’s get straight into it!


#1 People don’t trust brands, they trust people.

Your consumers are sick and tired of ads and ‘BUY NOW’, ‘SALE SALE SALE’. So if you’re super product focused on EVERY social media post and seeing very little engagement let alone sale, this is probably why.

People trust people and the only way to show that you are human is by telling a story. For example:

  • Who are you? As a brand, a team, or solopreneur, who are the people behind your brand?
  • How did your product/service/brand start? How was it born?
  • What are some struggles and lessons you’ve learnt? How have you applied this to make your consumer’s life better?

People these days don’t just buy a product. They’ll google you, research you, and check that your values and ethics aligns with their own.

#2 Build a relationship with your followers.

The simplest way is to start a conversation. Doesn’t have to be a literal conversation, here are some ‘digital’ ways:

  • Ask your followers a question either in your post or story!
  • Stories are great to get instant engagement. Try features like polls, ask me a question, and reaction emojis
  • Do this every now and again, to show that you are interested in your followers point of view


#3 Show a variety of content.

Again, move away from the SELL SELL SELL mantra. Show different sides of you, different characteristics and aspects of your business. Just make sure each post is relevant to your business and the followers! Try something like this:

#4 Use Hashtags

The main purpose of this is that you find your target audience AND so that YOU are found.

You have up to 30 hashtags you can use in your caption. We would recommend fully utilising it! Find hashtags related to your product/service or team, and popular hashtags your target audience uses.


#5 Save your hashtags!

Typing out each hashtag is… tedious. Save hashtags into your phone (in notes) or on a word document. This will save a you a lot of time.


#6 Got a website? Let your followers know!

Every legit business has a website. Especially if you’re a product or service based, this is crucial! Direct your followers to your website. So make sure your bio clearly has your website link and let your followers know of any sales, promotions, new product launches etc.


#7 Stick to your branding.

What are the colours of your branding? Try not to deviate from the personality of your brand. If you’re creating original content such as graphics and photos, try to keep the colours and mood aligned with your brand.

This’ll ensure that your grid view sends a clear message to your followers and any visitors!


#8 Don’t be afraid of long captions.

You’d be surprised – people do read captions. If they’re interested in your brand, they’ll want to know what you have to say!

Tell a story, explain the origins of your product, explain what’s going on in the photo. It doesn’t have to be ‘polished’. Show the personality of your brand through longer captions.


#9 Plan your content.

We call it a Social Media Schedule. See the content schedule above? Create content like that in blocks of 2 weeks or 4 weeks. Once your schedule is done, you don’t have to worry about it for a while!

Here’s what September looks like for one of our clients!

#10 Respond to comments, Story responses or reactions and Direct Messages!

This is so important. This IS customer service.

If someone took the time to engage with your content, show your appreciation!! Say thanks, give them compliments or if you’re short on time, give them a like.


We hope this helped you! We are and always will be team Small Biz. Don’t be afraid to get in touch if you need some help!